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Welcome to $BITCOIN

The Elon X AI Doge Messi 69 Pepe Inu (Ticker: BITCOIN) Project


Honestly though, this token is the endgame.
It's the shitcoin of shitcoins.
Imagine telling your coworkers you're quitting because Elon X AI Doge Messi 69 Pepe Inu coin mooned?
Imagine the media reporting on Elon X AI Doge Messi 69 Pepe Inu breaking 1bn marketcap. Or the idiot normies buying along the way because they typed BITCOIN into PancakeSwap.

Supply: 69,420,000,000,000

No taxes, Fixed supply.
This is the first coin that has enticed me to join the Shitcoin casino.
It's just another shitcoin, sure, but at least this one shines a spotlight directly onto the stupidity that is the degen coin/BNB casino/dogcoin market trend.
It's self aware. This is THE /biz/ shitcoin.
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